Brother’s Keeper Introduces Discounts for Reusable​ Cup Users

Brother’s Keeper has recently announced that they will be introducing discounts for customers that bring their own cups in. This cafe was seen as a good starting ground for the Sustainable Cafes Program due to its strong student customer base.

Volunteer, Anthony James, who sparked the work with Brother’s Keeper said, “I had spoken with the owner and he showed a genuine drive and intent to make the cafe more sustainable. Upon telling him about our program he was really enthused to get on board”

Students for Change produced a document outlining the financial feasibility and business potential that introducing a discount could have.

The document showed that in the long run Brother’s Keeper should see increased sales and revenue from coffee sales, sparked by our work from Students for Change.

“This change has the opportunity to cut the use of nearly 2000 take away cups within a single year”

At other cafe’s the environmental benefits from such a savings would be around 225kg of CO2, but Brother’s Keeper already is ahead, making use of the Biopak cups, a type of takeaway cup that is recyclable and compostable.

This is a step in the right direction for the Sustainable Cafes Program and will be the first in a long succession of positive community change.


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