Our First Beach Clean

On the 9th of December volunteers from Students for Change and Beach Patrol came together to clean Marina Beach in St Kilda.

The clean up began at 9 am, where volunteers had already gotten on there way, trawling the sand for remnants of plastic and other waste that needed to be collected. Along the way, large amounts of cigarette butts, bottle caps and plastic bags were found.

Students for Change volunteer Victoria remarked, “I loved joining my friends in helping to ensure the sustainability of our favourite beach! It felt great to know I’ve made a small but impactful difference to the local community”

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After an hour of cleaning a total of 12kg of rubbish was collected, as well as over 4000 cigarette butts. A notable find on the day was two beaten up O-Bikes strewn across the rocks.

“It was great to see students coming along and helping out in the community”, Students for Change founder Anthony James said, “it was a great experience and we look forward to working more with Beach Patrol”

The team at Students for Change thanks Beach Patrol for hosting the clean and their tireless effort to make St Kilda beach better.


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