Projects set for Students for Change

After a round of voting the members of Students for Change have decided on two community and two school programs the group wishes to undertake over the next 12+ months.

The voting saw near unanimous agreement in establishing a community clean-up group. This group will operate within the Stonnington/Boroondara area cleaning waste from areas such as Gardiner’s Creek and local parks.

Students for Change will begin working with local cafe’s to become more environmentally friendly. This will involve connecting cafes with suppliers of biodegradable materials, installing LED lights and working to incentives customers to bring their own cups.

The group has agreed to establish a paper waste reduction scheme across all member schools. This will involve measures that target the sources of paper waste within schools and how that waste is collected and dealt with.

Our school program will involve working to have our schools equipped with solar panels. This will involve consulting with staff and students on how to acquire the funds for solar panels and assessing how best to work with our schools to ensure the future energy sources of our educational facilities are green.

Due to a close vote between working with local cafes and supporting a student-group named ‘Helping Our Neighbours‘, Students for Change will be forming a partnership to ensure that we can aid Helping Our Neighbours in their cause to promote awareness for the issues surrounding refugees in Australia.


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